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2017 Shoot & Share Contest

You may have seen on my Instagram page that I’m in the “All-In Club”! So, what does that mean you ask? Every year I submit my work in the Shoot & Share Photo Contest – “the only free and fair contest in the world.” Photographers from all over the globe are allowed to submit up to 50 images (to be considered “all-in”) into 25 categories. When voting opens up (February 1st) anyone can vote! We’re the judge. The best part about this contest?! Voters do not know who submitted which images — it’s totally random — and you pick your favorites. Here’s how it works… four images will pop up on your screen and you choose your favorite out of those four… then your screen will automatically refresh with four more images… and so on! I will fully warn you that it’s addicting! Hours will go by (sometimes into the wee hours) and I’ll find myself still voting! I’ve seen some folks that have the contest up on their PC, laptop, phone, and iPad so they can vote on multiple devices at a time! Now that’s commitment!

Last year, roughly 74,000 people were involved in the contest with 225,207 photos submitted, 35.6 million votes, throughout 149 countries!!! That’s AMAZING! Each year, the stats keep climbing so I’m excited to see how 2017 looks! This contest is great for photographers, both beginners and advanced, because regardless if you even place it gives you a boost of confidence! Click here to see how I did in the 2016 contest (do you see Henry was a finalist?!) compared to my 2015 contest results. Click here to view the winners from last year! While voting, I love seeing all of the talent in the photos submitted. SO inspiring!

It’s always SO hard to narrow down to my top 50 best-of-the-best images for this contest! I need to get better about choosing my top 3-5 images after I edit each session throughout the year and saving them in a folder so I can then cull down to my top 50 more easily. Another thing on the to do list for this year! 

Voting is open from February 1st to March 3rd! Be sure to mark your calendars and hop on the Shoot & Share website to vote for a few (or a bunch!). The winners will be announced March 6 to March 20th. Stay tuned!

Wishing good luck to all of the talented photographers that submitted this year!!!

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