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Baby Annabelle • 11 Days

My sweet neighbor, Katie, referred me to the Iracane Family and I’m so very glad she did! It was their first baby and Sarah was so bubbly via email I was excited to finally meet her in person. It was a beautiful Saturday morning last weekend when I headed over to their house. Sarah greeted me at the door looking so amazing after just having a baby. Her house was beautiful — so much character! She led me upstairs to their master bedroom where the lovely natural light was just pouring in — a photographer’s dream!

It’s such an honor for my clients to trust me to capture one of the most intimate and important chapters in their life. I feel so very lucky and grateful to share my talent and my passion with people that they’ll treasure for a lifetime. It’s so awe-inspiring to watch new parents interact with their new bundle of joy. Sarah and her hubby were naturals! They didn’t find out the gender until the grand arrival so they could be surprised.

Baby Annabelle is so very precious! That little button nose and those tiny toes — I could just eat her up! In the womb, Sarah said she loved having her hands up by her face so it was no surprise that for her newborn photos she wanted it that way too. It was so sweet to watch her naturally fall into her cuddly poses.

Enjoy this sweet slideshow I put together for Baby Annabelle!

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