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Baby Shumate Gender Reveal

This past weekend marked a huge milestone for our family. I am now 20-weeks pregnant and we could finally find out if we are welcoming a son or a daughter into our family in October!! We were so very fortunate to have our immediate family surrounding us while our friends and extended family tuned in via Facebook Live to watch the moment unfold.

We had our 20-week ultrasound appointment this past Thursday. Ryan and I were both in awe of how big our little one was getting!! So very blessed to get a healthy report! When it came towards the end of our appointment the ultrasound technician turned off the television prompter so we couldn’t see the gender results. Instead she circled on a piece of paper if our first child was going to be a boy or a girl and sealed it in an envelope. I scooted back to work where a colleague then filled a 40″ gold balloon with either pink or blue confetti and sealed it up. It took everything we had to not rip that bad boy open to see what was inside.

Then it was off to my parents river house, Denton Abbey, for a fun-filled family weekend to celebrate this special time. Friday night I hardly got any sleep… I was too anxious for what news the following day would bring. Saturday morning came and it felt like Christmas morning. I had butterflies in my stomach — so anxious, so excited!! We cooked up a delicious brunch then it was time for the BIG reveal!

We gathered the family in the backyard and at 11AM sharp we launched our Facebook Live video for friends and extended family to also join us. I had a video camera on Ryan and I and a video camera facing my family to capture their reactions too. We held the giant 40″ gold balloon over our heads while our family counted down from 10… My heart was pounding, hands were shaking, and tears of joy welled up in my eyes as I heard… “3… 2… 1…!!!”. It was in that moment… with a simple POP of a balloon… blue confetti exploded into the air… We are having a son! I threw my arms around Ryan as he scooped me off of my feet. The look on his face, our family cheering in the background, blue confetti scattered at our feet… It was such an incredible moment that I will never forget.

I’m so very glad that we waited to find out the gender with our family and friends. It added so much more excitement and suspense. So many have been praying along with us over the years as we waited our turn to become parents so it was only fair that we could share this moment with everyone. And believe me, I’m pretty sure I watched every single gender reveal on YouTube and browsed through everything on Pinterest… So many creative ways to pull it off. I wanted something that had a fun “WOW” factor and the huge balloon popping over our heads was a perfect fit!

One more added surprise for our family and friends was the announcement of our son’s name. Leading up to this weekend, I heard back-and-forth stories on if we should share the name before our baby being born. I can certainly understand both sides of the coin as choosing a name for your child is such an important and personal decision. We personally wanted to spend the remainder of our 20 weeks leading up to our due date being open about our son’s name so we could build a stronger bond with him and our family and friends could make a stronger connection with our son before he’s even born.

We knew that we wanted to go the traditional route and stick with a family name. We were fortunate that my dad is a huge history buff and big into genealogy so he had already done much of the homework in gathering the family names on my side. It took some searching on to discover some names on Ryan’s side. But the truth is, we actually had already chosen a name for our future son or daughter almost 6 years ago when we first started dating. We agreed that since Ryan gets the last name, I would get to pick the first name, and we would compromise on the middle name. We have been keeping these names a secret for so long it felt SO good to finally say the boy’s name out loud.

We announced to our family and friends that we couldn’t wait to meet and introduce to them in October, our son, Michael Lockwood Shumate. Michael is my dad’s name and Lockwood is Ryan’s grandfather’s name. The look on my dad’s face just melted my heart and I know Ryan’s grandfather was smiling down on us too!

So, that is our gender and name reveal story!! It was certainly a game-changer for us!! Even though I had a feeling throughout the pregnancy that a little boy was growing inside my belly, I still can’t believe it! I love the idea of having a boy first. If one day down the road we are blessed with a daughter, she will have an older brother to look up to and protect her. Just as my older brother has done for me.

Let the planning of our son’s nursery begin! So much to do in preparation of our little man’s arrival in October. Counting down the days but also soaking up this journey one day at a time.

Baby Michael, your Mommy and Daddy love you with all our hearts! We can’t wait to officially meet you on the other side. See you soon, little one.

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