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Bohemian Barefoot Birthday Soirée

Well, my birthday week is officially over!! Bring on 29!! Still have one more year to live up my 20’s!! This was my first birthday to celebrate as a MOM! My actual birthday was last Thursday which was such an awesome day filled with calls, texts, cards, flowers, and gifts!!Ryan got us tickets to a Broadway show, The Lion King, one of my favorite Disney movies growing up! Orchestra seating — SO excited!! My parents are storing their boat at our house for a bit so the evening of my birthday we had a cocktail cruise (well, I drank water, LOL!) on the driveway with some friends and Ryan grilled up some delicious ribs — so much fun! Friday, Ryan and I took the day off! Although it was relaxing — we had a busy day planned! I got a pedicure, we had an ultrasound at the doctors office (more on this in a future post!), we met with our birth photographer (more on this later!!), and my dear friends (The Oliffs!) hosted us for a birthday dinner at their house. Let the birthday weekend begin!! 🙂

If you know me, you know that I make a huge deal about birthdays. Typically we’ll throw a big bash with tons of our friends at our house every year but this year I wanted it to be extra special and a more intimate setting. So let me back up… Last year, I had one of my great ideas to make a floor table… I wanted a place where me and my girlfriends could sit around, drink wine, and laugh till our cheeks hurt. So, last year Ryan and I took a trip to Home Depot to get all our supplies, Ryan did all the measurements, we stained the table, and voilá! We have a floor table. Now, time to plan a party!For my birthday this year, I decided that I wanted to have some of my closest girlfriends over for a dinner party in my backyard. I loved the idea of a bohemian themed soirée so girls could have fun getting dressed up in their bo-ho attire. With April, you never know what the weather will bring, so my fingers were crossed for sunshine!! Luck was on my side because my entire birthday week was filled with blue skies and sunshine! Several weeks before, I had reached out to The Proper Petal. They had created a beautiful floral crown for my client’s maternity session last year so I knew that I had to call on them for my boho floral crown! Well, they didn’t disappoint! The floral crown was stunning and it was the perfect addition to the celebration — would highly recommend them!!

Saturday evening’s bohemian dinner party was even more beautiful than I imagined!! I set the table for 16 and covered the table with nautical decor, mason jars, and a beautiful centerpiece that my Mom put together. It was my Mom’s birthday earlier in the week so we surprised her with having a few of her girlfriends join us for dinner too. I made a delicious champagne punch for all the ladies and had a “preggers” pitcher for me and one of my neighbors that is also expecting. We had some delicious appetizers, Ryan grilled up steak and shrimp kabobs, and my mom made some orzo salad (my favorite!). My dear friend (and fellow neighbor) Jenna, The Gleeful Gourmand, was so very thoughtful to make a delicious Lemon Blueberry Cake for our dessert. It was three layers of absolute heaven!! The evening was spent toasting, chit-chatting, and laughing the night away! As the sun went down we were illuminated by lanterns surrounding us in my backyard and white twinkling Christmas lights above us. It was truly magical! I hope to make this dinner party an annual tradition!

Below are some fun images — be sure to watch the slideshow too!!

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