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You guys! I cannot believe that February is already here and busy as ever! This past week I was on-the-go!! If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve seen some of my daily adventures. I photographed 2 newborn sessions, 1 maternity session, and 3 Smash Cake sessions (one being in Northern Virginia) all while coordinating with Ryan or my Mom to watch little Michael… meanwhile, I went to 2 different coffee play dates, continued voting with the Shoot & Share contest, had a pedicure with my bestie, spent quality time with family, hosted a firepit happy hour with 18 my amazing neighbors (+ all of their kiddos!), attended Thrive (a weekly women’s morning bible study that I recently joined and I love it!), cleaned the house, enjoyed a day trip adventure with Ryan and Michael to Northern VA, and went to 2 Super Bowl parties… Michael and I had a fun-filled week together to say the very least! Above is a snapshot of the sneak peeks I’ve posted from last week — Gosh, my heart is so full!

I was SO ecstatic when this past January was the biggest month ever for my photography business! I’ve welcomed 12 new clients into the ASP Family and I’m up 777% in income from this time last year!! Y’all… that is such a confidence booster knowing that January was when I took the leap from leaving the corporate world to be a full-time stay-at-home-mom and continue to run my photography business. I couldn’t be more appreciative of my ASP Family for their investment in this dream of mine. It’s an honor to document their stories and motherhood journeys. I can already tell that 2017 is going to be an EPIC year!

While I love filling up my calendar and staying busy… since having Michael (almost 4 months now), I have photographed a total of 36 sessions. Whew!! I do have to stop and give a huge shoutout to my hubby and Mom for watching Michael while I’m out chasing my dream!! I couldn’t do this without them! While I am loving the hustle I also know that I need to get better about slowing down, embracing the moment and this season of adjusting to mommy-hood. While being on-the-go is great… I want to ensure that I’m taking care of myself too so I don’t get too run down and crash! I’m going on 4-weeks into the life of a SAHM. It’s been amazing! And things are only going to get busier once Michael starts to learn how to crawl and walk! So, I decided I need to implement a few ground rules for my mompreneur self!

  • I’m doing okay about “office hours” for my photography business but could be better. This means, not answering client emails at 4AM just because I’m up with Michael. While client emails are important to me… I need to have more boundaries on when I’m available so they can have my full attention
  • Going forward, for now, I don’t want to schedule more than 3 sessions per week. This will give me more of a work/life balance as I want to ensure that I’m offering a high-degree of personal attention to each client’s experience and spend as much time as I can with my son, my hubby, and have personal time for myself.
  • Have a bedtime for myself! Lately, I’ve been staying up until the wee hours of the morning working on photography stuff… whether it be writing blog posts, to do lists, jotting down ideas and random thoughts in my head… similar to how I wind down Michael for bed… I need to do the same for myself. Cut off electronics at a certain time and open a book instead… getting to bed at a decent hour will have me waking up more refreshed to conquer the day!
  • Going forward, I’m not going to book sessions on Sunday mornings. Instead, this will be time spent with family and God. I’d like to start going to Church more regularly with Ryan and Michael (especially since Michael is getting baptized on this month at St. Mary’s Catholic Church!).
  • Schedule a “brain dump” session… I set a recurring weekly reminder for myself every Tuesday morning to do a brain dump… I feel like 24/7 I always have thoughts running through my head (business and personal) and this brain dump session will be a time where I get out a notepad, a pen, and jot it all down! This way I won’t forget things and can more easily prioritize my to-do list and make the most out of my free time when Michael is napping 😉
  • Read more! I have a stack of business/self-help books that I invested in earlier this year. Currently, Ryan and I are both reading “You are a Badass. How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.” It’s a great read! Lots of powerful quotes and words that help put a lot in perspective!

That’s all I can think of at the moment but I’m sure after my brain dump session tomorrow morning I’ll have plenty more to add to the list. This week is a busy one too (including lots of culling and editing from last week’s sessions!). Richmonders, can you believe that it’s going to be 71 degrees this week?! Virginia sure does have some crazy weather. Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday! 🙂

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