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Come Together • My Experience

I can’t even remember the last time that I was randomly selected to WIN something… don’t you just love it when good things come along and it puts a huge smile on your face?! Well, that happened to me a few weeks ago when I learned that I won a free ticket to the Come Together workshop. A BIG thank you to Cathy with Face Value Photography who tagged me in a contest to win a free seat 🙂

Katelyn James is a well-known wedding photographer that is such an inspiration and incredible teacher in the industry. I’ve been following her work for years now and she’s just a genuine, fun-loving person. She is a mentor for many in the photography industry and in addition to being an incredibly talented photographer, she dedicates herself to serving others in the industry so their businesses can succeed. When I heard that she was partnering with Amy & Jordan (an awesome husband-and-wife team whom are also leaders in the industry) for an evening of educating about social media and blogging… I was all in! Up until last week, I had never attended an in-person educational workshop. All my education about building, maintaining, and growing my business has been based off online workshops, lots of researching, articles, blog posts, figuring it out as I go, etc., etc… All of which has helped me tremendously but the power of seeing your mentors face-to-face, taking notes, and soaking up the live action of it all makes such a bigger impact.

I’m so very grateful to be a part of the #CommunityOverCompetition network! The photography industry has come a long way over the years — There is a large group of us that strive to help each other grow by forming a community and cheering each other on, sharing best practices, and encouraging growth amongst our businesses. It makes the idea of chasing our dreams seem less scary and instead gives one a stronger sense of empowerment to go for it!

I arrived at Come Together and was going to rock this workshop solo. Cathy wasn’t able to join me (don’t worry girl, I took lots of notes!) so I walked in not knowing anyone. I have an extroverted personality so I had no problem hopping from table to table introducing myself and networking. I met a lot of sweet gals from Ohio, to Blacksburg, to Virginia Beach, to Maryland… I saw a few photogs that I follow where I got to meet them in person. It’s so cool to finally meet a photographer in-person when you’ve followed their work for so long online — it’s like you already feel like you know them completely.

The Come Together event was such a great experience! For any photogs reading this, you can click here to purchase the recording! Amy and Jordan, as well as, Katelyn brought two unique perspectives to the power of social media and blogging. I laughed, I cried, and I left feeling very encouraged, empowered, energized, and inspired. It rejuvenated me to continue to charge after this crazy dream of mine. THANK YOU Katelyn (and Michael!), Amy and Jordan for sharing your wisdom and for making such an impact on me and my business!! I have so many ideas to take things to the next level 🙂

Here are some key takeaways from the event…

  • Success isn’t for the chosen few, it’s for those that choose!
  • Be YOU!
  • Perception isn’t reality… it’s the only reality
  • Social media is a series of impressions over time
  • Build bridges, reach, connect!
  • Know what NOT to post
  • Share your everyday experiences
  • 7% of referrals come from online
  • Be the friend you want
  • Take the “work” out of “networking”
  • Set the tone
  • Create a culture of community with your clients
  • Approach it by person-to-person
  • Love, serve, and love on people!
  • “We believe we have nothing to offer because everyone else has something to offer…” Oh the irony!
  • Your story is meant to be shared!
  • Blogging is permanent and builds an empire
  • Let go of what used to work and be open to change
  • People want to be a part of momentum — they want to join with you!
  • Golden hour of impact!
  • When structure is in place people start to take notice
  • Communities are formed because there is a consistency in leadership
  • Blogging is your permanent marketplace for personal expression
  • You can’t impact people’s lives without letting them into your own
  • Don’t give up before the chance to see the fruit

Here are some fun iPhone snapshots from the event.
Check out the #cometogetherevent on Instagram for more! 🙂

My first #demossandwich 🙂

Love this girl!

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others,
as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 
1 Peter 4:10

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