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Dear Little One

Dear Little One,

My sweet Michael. My last letter to you was when I was 16-weeks pregnant. I’m now 39-weeks along — only 1 more week to go to your due date! SO many incredible milestones since I last wrote to you (and so many more to come!). We found out at 20-weeks (June 4th!) that the growing baby in my belly is a BOY! Ryan and I were surrounded by our family and our friends virtually tuned in as we popped a huge balloon over our heads… and out came lots and lots of blue confetti! I threw my arms around your Daddy as he scooped me off my feet! We are having a son. Somehow I always knew that our first child would be a boy.

It’s amazing how much you’ve grown since we first found out about our pregnancy. At 4-weeks, you were merely the size of a poppy seed. It was the most incredible sound to hear your heartbeat for the first time at our 7-week ultrasound appointment, you were the size of a blueberry then. Throughout our pregnancy we’ve been able to check-in on you every few weeks with an ultrasound and doppler to watch you grow and hear your heartbeat. How do you get cuter and cuter every day?? At 39-weeks pregnant, you are now the size of a mini watermelon.

Our last ultrasound was at our 36-week appointment. Your grandparents were there too where they got to see you for the first time. You didn’t have much room to wiggle around in but we could certainly see your chubby cheeks, little nose, big feet, and you even were showing lots of hair on your head! I feel your little kicks and jabs everyday. It is an incredible feeling to see and feel you rolling around in my belly. Sometimes it feels like you’re doing jumping jacks in there! You’re most active in the morning — even though it’s early in the morning, your sweet little kicks and hiccup routine have been the best thing to wake up to. It’s a sweet reminder every morning that being a mommy, your mommy, is no longer a dream, this is really happening. I think it’s your way of telling me that you’re ready for breakfast — I don’t blame you, it’s one of my favorite meals of the day too! You dance around in my belly after each meal. When it’s time to go to bed I can feel you moving around to get snuggled in for bedtime. Your Daddy will rub and kiss my belly to tell you goodnight.

We’ve been staying busy, busy prepping your nursery anxiously awaiting your arrival! It’s pretty darn precious if I do say so myself! It’s grey, white, and navy blue and we went with a woodlands inspired theme. It’s decorated with forest animals, arrows, and rustic accents. You have a huge white crib and a corner cabinet to hold all of your toys, books, and picture frames. Your dresser and closet are packed to the brim! So many cute clothes have been gifted to you — you’re going to be one handsome little boy! I think my favorite corner in your room is the cozy rocking chair next to a big white monogram on the wall with your initials. This will be such a special place for us, especially those first few months. We’ll have countless bonding moments during our feedings and when I’m rocking you back to sleep.

You even have a playroom! I had the vision for the room but it was your Daddy who worked the hardest on this room to make it a reality! It’s a large yellow room downstairs that was once a guest room. It’s already stocked with toys and overflowing with books that we can’t wait to read to you. Your Dad hooked you up with a 42″ flat screen TV — I can already see you two sitting on the couch in there while he drinks his morning coffee and you with your sippy cup watching cartoons. Your Dad loves cartoons. We’ll enjoy many play dates in this room with all of your friends. Don’t worry, we have a doggy gate up so your big fur-brother can’t steal any of your toys!

Not too long ago we had our maternity portraits taken. It was such a special time to celebrate you, how much you’ve grown, and document this exciting milestone for our family. You made me feel extra beautiful on this day! I already have an album done with all of our favorite images — I can’t wait to show it to you so you can see the happiness and love we had for you before you were even born. Many more photos to be captured once you make your grand arrival, little one!

Family, friends, and co-workers have celebrated you with hosting several baby showers! Some of my dear friends, which I can’t wait for you to meet, worked so hard to make your woodlands-inspired baby shower an absolutely dream! It made it feel that much more real that this is actually happening. So many of our family and friends have gifted you such thoughtful things! We are so excited to introduce you to everyone!!

I have to admit that when I first found out I was pregnant I was a bit nervous… Not nervous about being a mom — more so the whole pregnancy experience. I went into this not knowing what to expect but accepting the fact that I would be challenged both mentally and physically. I’ve been so thankful that you’ve taken it easy on me this pregnancy. Somehow I’ve managed to get by without being sick once! I haven’t had any crazy food aversions or particular cravings (other than you make me hungry all the time!). Aside from getting up every few hours during the night to use the restroom, that has been the only distraction through this process. We are so blessed and proud of you that you’ve passed every medical test along the way… Your heartbeat and growth measurements are just where they’re supposed to be. You’re perfect!

We’re pretty sure that you have my button nose and you most definitely have your Dads big feet! We can’t wait for that moment when we can hold you for the first time! While I am counting down the days for your birth date… a teeny tiny part of me just wants to keep you in my belly forever where I can always watch over you and I’ll know you’ll be safe! I know that once you’re on the other side I’ll miss those little kicks in my belly every morning. Little do you know, there is a great big world out here. So much for you to see, do, and explore — it will be quite a journey to watch you experience life before our eyes. Ryan and I will get to experience growing up all over again. You will teach us so many things and we will do everything in our power to protect you and be the best parents we can be for you.

It will be amazing to watch you grow from a little newborn, to a crawling baby, to a toothless grinned toddler, and beyond! We love you so much already Michael. Our hospital bag is packed — we’re ready when you are! See you soon sweet boy!

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