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Dear Little One 39-weeks-pregnant-baby-thomas

Dear Thomas,

OH! My sappy boy-mama heart just can’t take it! I’ve been crying tears of JOY all throughout the day today in anticipation for tomorrow! I still cannot believe that in less than 24-hours I will be holding you in my arms. Your Daddy and I cannot wait to welcome you into our family, introduce you to your proud big brother, and savor those sweet first moments in the hospital as a family of four.

While this pregnancy feels like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye… I’ve still cherished every kick, every hiccup, every rumble in my tummy that is the miracle of you. It honestly still doesn’t feel real that this is all happening until I hear your sweet cries tomorrow morning and feel your warm newborn skin snuggled on my chest. Your Daddy and I are so anxious to meet you! Will you look just like your brother?! Our last ultrasound was over 19-weeks ago… at the time you had a head full of hair and a little button nose (just like Michael!). We are so excited to watch in awe as you grow and develop your own unique personality while celebrating every milestone along the way! 

This time-lapse video below is so very special to me! The first part of this video was captured last July (when Michael was 9-months old) before I even knew that at the time I was 7-weeks pregnant with you… you were the size of a blueberry growing inside my belly! The second part of the video was captured today at 39-weeks pregnant! You’re now the size of a mini-watermelon… my how much you’ve grown!

We are counting down the hours until tomorrow. You are so, so loved little one! See you soon! XOXOXO!!!


Image credit above: Andrea Pesce Photography

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