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Dear Little Ones • 15-months + 30-weeks pregnant

Dear Michael,

This month you’ll be 15-months old and since the day you were born it’s been an adventure! Watching you grow from a a 7 lb., 8 oz. newborn to now a wiggly toddler has been truly awe-inspiring. Your Daddy and I have celebrated each milestone with you along the way and we’re so proud of the sweet little boy that you are. When you were 11-months old, you took your first independent steps… and you’ve been on-the-go ever since! You’re constantly exploring the curious world around you and have babbling conversations in your own secret language. You love to eat — anything that we put in front of you, you devour! Your favorites include pizza, BBQ, spaghetti O’s, pancakes, and bananas. You love to make a mess with your food at dinner time and get it all in your hair. Your Daddy I think you do this on purpose to ensure you’ll get a bath because you love splashing around in the tub with your toys. We are so very thankful that you’re a great sleeper too! You first slept through the night (7PM to 7AM!) in your crib when you were merely 8-weeks old… and with a few exceptions due to teething or a cold… you’ve continued that sleeping routine since. Your Daddy and I pray that your little brother will acquire your same love for sleep. We moved you into your “big boy” room just before your 1st birthday. You helped DaDa put together your new crib and since you’re our little “rivah rat” we decorated your room a nautical theme. One of many special times with you is first thing in the morning… you wipe your sleepy eyes, always having your left thumb in your mouth (just like Mommy and your cousin Maury Jr.), and you snuggle with DaDa and I in our bed while you guzzle down your morning milk. We savor these snuggle moments because right now they are brief as you are quickly ready to start the day (after eating your pancakes and bananas, of course!). You love your playroom. I’ll enjoy my cup of coffee and watch you play in there as you make your daily mess rummaging through all of your toys. I cannot wait for you to have a sibling to explore and play with. You haven’t quite figured out what it means that you’re going to have a brother… and you don’t seem to notice Mommy’s ever-growing belly… but your Daddy and I know in our hearts that you’re going to be the best big brother. We love the fact that you’ll only be 17-months apart… we cannot wait for the moment you two meet and for all of the fun, messy, fussy, sweet moments to follow from then on. What’s very special in being a big brother is that you are, and always will be, our first child. Our first love. You taught me how to be a mother. You’ve shown, and continue to show, me an understanding of love that only a mother could come to know. Your Daddy and I have you to thank for blessing us with the joys of becoming parents. You dealt with our first-time rookie fumblings and nervous tears… Over these last 15-months, you’ve taught us, challenged us, made us laugh, built-up our confidence, and prepared us to welcome your little brother into our family. It will be quite a transition when we bring your little brother home in March. While you’ll no longer be the center of our love and attention… you’ll now be sharing that limelight with your little brother… we still love you with all our hearts. It will certainly be a continued adventure… we are ready to embrace all that raising two under two has to offer. These next 9-weeks, your Daddy and I plan to soak up every minute with you before we become a family of 4! When that time comes… always remember, we loved you first.

Dear Thomas,

That moment, one early June morning on the porch having coffee, your Daddy and I read the results… PREGNANT! A few months later… surrounded by family and our closest friends… the color of blue confetti filled the air to celebrate the news that you, little one, growing inside my belly are a baby BOY… my sappy mommy heart has been bursting with excitement to meet you, to hold you, to love you! Your Daddy and I anxiously are counting down the minutes when we can finally welcome you into our family. Do you know how much you are already so very loved? Guess what?… You have a big brother too! Your Daddy and I both have a sibling and we had always dreamed of our first born having a sibling but we had no idea that the news of you would come so soon! Someone once said that “there’s no buddy like a brother.” You two are going to be two peas on a pod… double trouble… and best friends! I can already foreshadow the sibling rivalry that you two will share… but oh, what fun we’ll all have! We cannot believe that in just 9-weeks you’ll make your grand entrance into this world! My pregnancy journey with you sure has flown by! Aside from the constant trips to the potty, occasional heartburn and sciatica pains, and now waddling around like a penguin — this pregnancy has thankfully been a breeze! Now more than ever you’re kicking and dancing up a storm in my belly (especially after Mommy sneaks a handful of M&Ms!). I feel that we already have such a special bond… Your tiny little movements and daily hiccups bring me so much joy. When I wake in the morning, just as I open my eyes and before I’ve had a chance to move, I feel you moving around, ready to start the day! You’re most active at night… hopefully not a sign for being a night owl once you’re born?! With each prenatal appointment, your measurements are spot-on with where you should be in your development… I’m sure it’s your way of showing off to your big brother! We’re all very proud and impressed. In the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you home — your cozy nursery is all ready for you!


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