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Happy Anniversary

I cannot believe that it’s already been FOUR years since I slipped into my wedding dress, stepped into my gold sequin heels, and walked down the aisle to marry the love of my life! It was in that moment as we exchanged vows that I thought to myself I couldn’t possibly love you any more. Well, I sure was wrong because I love you more and more each day.

So many treasured memories over the years with you Ryan and so many more to come! You make me so incredibly happy and I couldn’t be more proud to be your wife. Watching you go from cute guy I work with, to boyfriend, to fiancé, to husband, to father has been such an incredible blessing. We’re a family now — God has blessed us with a beautiful son. Your mini me. Michael is so very lucky to have you for his Daddy!

The Hallmark card I got you says it best… “Whether you realize it or not, I keep a mental scrapbook of our life together. There are clippings from birthdays and holidays… ticket stubs from moments we’ve shared… vivid snapshots of you as you smile at me across the room or laugh at one of our shared jokes. But I also keep the feeling I have when you curl up next to me on a cold morning… and even a few of the butterflies you set aflutter in my stomach when we first met. I think back to all those memories when we’re apart or when I just want to indulge the love I feel for you. We have so many more memories to make… and I’ll keep all of them close to my heart.”

Cheers to you, to our love, to endless laughs/snuggles/dance parties, to where we’ve been, and to what’s to come! There is no one else I’d rather grow old with.

Happy Anniversary papa bear!



Photo credit: Laura Gordon Photography

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