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Happy Father’s Day Ryan

On this special Father’s Day, I wanted to share some of my heart on the blog today about my loving husband. Life has been so good to us. God has blessed us with a son, a happy home, dear friends, a crazy chocolate lab, and a love for each other that grows stronger each and every day.

When we first met and I truly started to get to know the real Ryan… I knew right away that there was something unique about you. Not only are you driven, charming, and a great dancer… you’re kind, patient, and a momma’s boy! These traits, among many others, are what made me quickly fall in love with you because I saw you as a lifelong partner, friend, the father of my children one day, the man I wanted to share my life with, grow old with.

When we got married in 2012, I couldn’t wait to start a family with you! God had a plan for us. He challenged us to be patient and to wait our turn. In that time we grew stronger in our love, built a foundation of friendships, grew in our careers, and we waited for the blessing of a child. Our lives were forever changed this past Valentine’s Day weekend. We are having a son!

Throughout our journey to parenthood you have amazed me with your constant love and support. I know it is a mere fraction of the father you will be to our children. Our journey has made us truly understand the gravity of the miracle growing inside my belly (22 weeks along!). Being a parent is a trusted privilege that I know we will not take for granted.

So, on your very first Father’s Day, I wish you all of the special discoveries of fatherhood – the wonders, the joys, and the love that grows for a lifetime. To see the best parts of yourself come to life in a child is one of life’s greatest blessings. Michael is one lucky boy to have you as his Daddy.

So here’s to our life, our love, and more than anything, to you! I am so very grateful for you and for all that do for our family. Thank you for the wonderful husband that you are and the incredible father I know you will be.

Happy Father’s Day!

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