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Henry’s 1st Birthday

SO! If you follow me on social media, you may have seen on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen yesterday that it was Henry’s 1st Birthday!! It feels like it was just yesterday that we were bringing him home. Time sure does fly by! Henry is full of energy, spunk, sass, and love! He most certainly keeps us on our toes! A lot has happened in 1 year! Be sure to follow along his hashtag, #lifewithmyhenry, on Instagram. He graduated from a two-week one-on-one training at Holiday Barn. Some of his favorite things are finding rocks and sticks in our backyard and bringing them in the house — he finds all kinds of treasures in our backyard! Ryan said we should keep a shoebox and see what all he collects in a week’s time. We have him crate trained throughout the day; however, he is spoiled and sometimes sleeps in bed with us. He loves to snuggle — he will literally flop all 60+ pounds on top of you and just lay there.I think he’s starting to figure out that there is a baby in my belly because he’ll rest his head there at night and is on high-alert guard duty when Ryan isn’t home. He will play fetch for hours — we have a bunch of those colorful lacrosse balls so he can’t pop them — they bounce really high too so he will jump up to catch them. Henry’s kind of a big deal and has his own Instagram page — show him some love! He’s definitely still all puppy — and will be for a while! We’re interested to see how the transition will unfold when a baby joins the family — he’ll have to get used to sharing. We know that Henry will be a sweet big brother and will try not to steal his/her toys too much!

Cheers to Henry!! Happy birthday to our furbaby!

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