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Instagram November Challenge | #30DOT

30thankfuldaysSo, I recently learned within my Shoot & Share community that November is the “30 Days of Thankfulness” challenge for photographers. How does it work? Post a photo each day in November via Instagram and use the hashtag #30DOT to express what you’re thankful for. I’m in love with the idea!

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays approaching it’s easy to get stressed, overwhelmed, and take for granted the little things in life that really matter.

Yes, I know, it’s already 5 days into November so I’m playing a little catch up here! But better late than never 🙂So, before I join in on the fun I have a confession to make… I’ve never hash-tagged before! I know! Well, as you know, I recently joined Instagram. I’m still getting used to it. So, this challenge is a perfect time to use my first hashtag 🙂

This is also my first photography challenge! There is never a good time to pick up a photography challenge, especially one that encourages you to shoot everyday. I’ve always wanted to try the 365 Challenge but I think I’ll wait till kids are in the picture 🙂

This past year I’ve been staying busy with reading tons and tons of photography tutorials on how to do this or how to improve that… I’m beginning to realize that the best way to truly improve my style is to stop reading tutorial after tutorial and instead just pick up my camera!

So now I’m challenging you to join me and take the time in November to pick up your phone or camera and capture 30 things you’re thankful for.

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The Rules:

– Take a photo everyday of something you’re thankful for, post it on Instagram, and use the hashtag #30DOT

It’s that simple! I hope you will join me in this fun challenge that not only will improve your photography but will help you focus on the wonderful things in your life.

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