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Michael’s Godparents

Ryan and I recently asked my dear friend, Emily, and my big brother, Maury, to be godparents to our son Michael. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them guide Michael in his Christian faith with the church and teach him of His love. We have full confidence in these two to do all in their power to ensure Michael’s spiritual well-being by supporting his life in Christ, pray for him, set a good example, give him encouragement, and fight against evil. We have a date already set in February for Michael’s baptism at St. Mary’s Catholic Church where Ryan and I are parishioners. What’s even more special is that my niece and Goddaughter, Ellie, will be getting baptized on that same day!

Emily and I have been best friends since 8th grade. We’ve been through so much together and I’ve watched her life blossom from pink overalls and pigtails to a loving wife and mother of 3! From being inseparable in middle school and high school, to being college roommates, to standing right beside each other on our wedding days, to growing our families… I’m in awe of her and so very thankful to have her as such a close friend in my life. She and her husband Greg have two beautiful children and one BOY on the way (due in January)! SO very excited to have our sons only 3 months apart. Emily, I appreciate your friendship more than you know and we are so very honored to have you as Michael’s Godmother.

My big brother, Maury, is Michael’s uncle and Godfather. I have looked up to Maury my entire life. I’m so very proud of the man he is today. A loving husband and a playful father of two precious kiddos — while also excelling in his career, the life of every party, and a loyal friend. The Godfather also happens to be his absolute favorite movie (LOL!) so he was extra pumped to accept this role for Michael. Maury, we know you will teach our son many great things and always remind him to live life to the fullest.

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