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Mommy’s Reflection Happy 2nd Birthday Michael!

My little Michael,

OH, my heart! Tonight was just like any ordinary night these days. We had dinner as a family — it was taco night! Your DaDa made it (I heated the taco shells) and at the table we ate, sang nursery rhymes, made animal noises, counted to 10, and your meal was complete with a halloween flavored Oreo for dessert… or as you call it, a “coosie!”. I carried you upstairs, we had a tickle fest on the floor in your room while we put on your PJs, and before I put you in your crib for “night night”, I held you a little tighter… closed my eyes and soaked the moment in a little longer… because tomorrow you will be two. My little boy, turned big brother, turned toddler, tomorrow will be two-years old!

How is it that these last two years have felt like a lifetime yet, looking back, it feels like I blinked and we’re here now? Two years ago… 730 days ago… you forever changed my life. You, my sweet boy, answered my lifelong dream… to be a mom, your mom. Navigating the new world of parenthood has been the most pivotal, life-changing, challenging, happy, and scary… one big emotional roller coaster all balled into one… it has challenged me both mentally and physically… becoming a mom is one of my greatest joys. Your Dada and I re-watched your birth story video tonight. Let’s just say that I couldn’t get through the first 3 seconds before happy tears came pouring down my face. Your whole little body once fit perfectly in the palms of my hands. I re-read my letter to you on your first birthday and I still ask myself the same question… where did the time go?!

You’re now in preschool (and loving it!), always on-the-go exploring, talking, making new friends, testing your limits by getting into mischief, and you’re the cutest thing ever. Watching you welcome and embrace Thomas as your little brother has been the sweetest thing! One of the first words you say in the morning, before/after nap, when we get into the car, and before bedtime is “baby”… you’re always thinking about him and it warms my heart so.

Your love for family, animals, people, and let’s get real — Mickey (oh, and dinosaurs!) — is so over-flowing. You have one of the biggest most genuine hearts. Hearing your feet pitter-patter in the morning — your diaper swishing back and forth — you squealing to watch “TEE TEE!” (i.e., Mickey!) while eating breakfast… it all never fails to bring a smile to my face. Your hugs, kisses, high-fives, and cheers lately have also been one of many favorite things that you do. Some days I feel like I have this whole mom thing figured out… and other days I feel like I’m treading water and messing it all up… but at the end of a tough day you always know how to make those troubles fade away with a simple smile. As much as I try to do my best and teach you every single day new things… it is you that is teaching me.

You were and always will be my first. My first son. Because of you I’m a stronger, more confident, and more patient Mommy to Thomas. I capture photos and videos now more than ever only because I want to always remember and savor it all. While raising two under two most certainly had its ups and downs… it has been beautiful chaos nonetheless. Each and every day is an adventure with you. You make us so very proud. Happy Birthday Michael! Your Daddy and I love you!

Left image credit (and above left image): Emily Gerald Photography

Left image credit: Andrea Pesce Photography


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