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Must-Have Baby Registry Inspiration

As a motherhood photographer and boy-mom, I love to fuel my fellow mommy readers with tips and tricks to make their day-to-day lives easier! I started the “for mommies” category on my blog to do just that along with various lifestyle topics discussed in my On Air with Allie episodes.

If you follow my blog, Instagram, or know me at all then you know that I’m an Amazon Prime fan girl! It feels like every other day there is a package at my doorstep. The convenience factor of having something delivered in less than 2-days without ever having to leave the house is Amazon-azing (see what I did there??)! If only Amazon had a frequent flyer miles program… let’s just say I’m surprised I didn’t get invited to their Christmas party this past year, LOL! Since I’m such a loyal and dedicated shopper with Amazon… I decided to start a public “idea list” inspiration board with some must-have products that I highly recommend in hopes that my followers (and the Amazon Community) might benefit from them. I plan to add-on to my idea lists as new products are added to our household!

In the spirit of me prepping for baby boy #2 (due in March!!), my first “idea list” inspiration board to share with you is… Must-Have Baby Registry Items. It’s similar to a Pinterest board, but for specific products that can be purchased right on Amazon. Some of them you’ve probably heard of and others might be new to you! I’m excited to share with you some of my go-to baby products that are tried and true in my household. My hope is that these recommended products are useful in your home too!

Click here to check it this inspiration board! Be sure to leave a comment or heart (“like”) on my Amazon profile to let me know you stopped by! Hope you enjoy it!

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