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Weekend Wrap Up • NYC

Happy Thursday y’all! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! Before we dive into the long weekend ahead I wanted to do a quick fun blog post to highlight some photos from our recent getaway last weekend to NYC! My brother, his wife (Rachael), and my nephew are up there! Thankfully I’ve seen them a bunch this year but I hadn’t been back up to NYC since my nephew was born last October (and Ryan hadn’t been back since last Labor Day)! Time flies!! So, needless to say, we were very overdue for a visit.

Ryan and I took the train up which was a fun adventure. SO much better than driving and battling the traffic and Amtrak has wifi so you can relax and enjoy the ride! We got lucky with no delays there or back which was awesome! We ended getting up there last Thursday night so we could take advantage of a full weekend of quality family time. Technically, they live in West New York, NJ in a sweet condominium right across the Hudson overlooking the NYC skyline. They are walking distance to the ferry which quickly scoots you into Manhattan.

The weather was perfect all weekend! Loved every minute snuggling and playing with Maury Junior. He was laughing at almost everything I did which warmed my heart! He now has an Insta hastag… “#littlemauryjr”. Rachael is expecting a GIRL this coming November — counting down the days! From playing in the pool, to lunch at the Yale Club, to exploring the Empire State Building, to delicious dinners, and more… we had a blast! Here is a fun slideshow for you to enjoy! 🙂

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