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My Office Tour • In-Home Studio

Hi folks! Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to feature my new and improved office and in-home studio. You may have seen my brief post back in March (seems like so long ago!) where I announced now having an in-home studio for my newborn session clients (you can read it here). Well, since then I’ve photographed 14 newborns (including TWINS!) — a lot has changed and developed in those 6 months. I’m excited to share some updated photos of my studio since rearranging a bit, decluttering, adding new decor, and revamping my style and approach to newborn portraiture.

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time behind my computer screen with editing, day-to-day tasks to run my business, tackling emails, creating client guides, designing albums, processing canvas orders, scheduling social media posts… you get the idea… so, it’s very important that I have a work atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable, gets me motivated and energized, and reflects my brand and personality. PS – That cute little sign above hanging on my office door was made by my best friend, Emily! She’s SO very crafty, talented, and thoughtful! I keep waiting for her to open up an Etsy shop!

This fun little blog post will give you a peek into my workspace and hopefully make you feel a little more connected with my business. So grab a fresh cup of coffee and enjoy the tour! 🙂

The color of my studio was like this when Ryan and I moved into our house 3 years ago — I love the color! So soothing and relaxing and the big window invites warm light in! Right now the main wall in my office is blank — I keep procrastinating on getting some canvases of my work ordered so I can showcase some of my favorites (but there are just too many to choose from!!). I recently setup my white shabby chic trundle in my office (well, I shouldn’t take credit since Ryan did all the work putting it together). I’ve had this trundle since middle school! It’s a very classic look and it’s great for serving as a sofa to snuggle up on, for capturing lifestyle newborn sessions, and is high enough for storage underneath (it’s a win, win, win!). The sheer drapes are pretty and can be used as a deflector if the sun is too harsh during a newborn session. The little white chair I got at my neighbor’s garage sale last year and is great for when little ones are in the studio and I take it on-site with me a lot for 12-month/Smash Cake sessions.

The big squishy thing in the middle of the image below is my newborn posey beanbag — this is what I use at every newborn session. I load it up with cozy blankets and babies love it because they snuggle right up and (most!) fall asleep right away — the parents always ask where I got it because they are considering getting one to have at their house. Per my last office post, you may have noticed that I no longer have my Wescott softbox out — I still have it but it wasn’t necessary to have out in my office since I’m primarily a natural light photographer. Instead, it’s now have it stored in my office closet since I only use off-camera flash during evening events. You may have also noticed from my last office post that I don’t have my backdrop stand setup by my posey beanbag (and no props in my closet!)… well, it’s because as of this past March, I no longer use a backdrop stand (or any props) for my newborn sessions and it has been the most freeing feeling! I can now photograph 360° around my newborn clients and capture all of the pure cuteness without a backdrop stand taking up space (being a pain to setup/take down) and getting in the way. It used to take at least 45 minutes just to lug all of my props and backdrop stand out to my car, drive it over to a client’s house, carry it all into their house, setup/organize everything, shoot, take it all down, pack up the car, then lug it all back up into my office… now, I just pop my posey beanbag in the car with a handful of blankets/wraps and I’m on my way! I plan to do another blog post soon to explain why I no longer incorporate props into my newborn images. Until then, here is a hint… pure, natural, organic.

I bought this desk two years ago after searching for months and months for the perfect one! My Mom spotted it on Craigslist and it was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a white desk that wasn’t too bulky in width and had a hutch with lots of room for putting fun knickknacks. When we brought it home and I put my iMac (all 27″!) on it, it was the perfect fit.

I’m obsessed with my Kelly Moore bag!! Ryan got it for me this past April for my birthday! It’s the Esther brand in Caramel. I love it because it’s great for the everyday look, matches with any outfit, and it has tons of pockets and zippers for storage. Another great thing about Kelly Moore bags is that they don’t look like your typical camera bag. The Ester style is not as flashy and loud as the 2 Sues bag that I have in raspberry (but I still love it!).

My office chair I got this past weekend and I love it! Ryan and I went to The Dump and I spotted it from across the store. It matched perfectly with the style of my office and it has a nice comfy brown leather seat cushion. It also leans back a bit which is great! The gold polka dots I got off Etsy! They are super inexpensive and make such a difference — they really make my desk POP and it is a reflection of my brand 🙂

I love this bookshelf! I found this beachwood inspired furniture at Hobby Lobby — a perfect addition! I’ve filled it with my suite of lenses, business cards, cute picture frames, some thank you notes, and more!
Love my new business card design! 🙂

BOOM!!! For all my Nikon lovers, is this not the sexiest picture you’ve ever seen?! Yes, I have a slight obsession with my gear (and Amazon Prime!) and I have the “go big or go home” mentality… and I’m quite the gadget freak. Owning a legit photography business involves biting the bullet and investing ($$$!) in some solid glass (lenses). Does that mean you have to have all of these lenses to run your business? No. But I wanted to be prepared for any/all situations and have the top-of-the-line lenses to photograph with. This gear has already paid for itself at the end of the day where you create amazing images which = happy clients! = a thriving referral-based business! Over the last three years I’ve invested in these babies — paid cash (debt free, woo hoo!). I plan to do a full blog post about my gear but until then I’ll give you a brief lineup… D610, 70-200mm f/2.8G, 105mm f/2.8, 85mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4… image was captured with my D810 and the 24-70mm f/2.8.

Found this sign at Hobby Lobby last Christmas and it was love at first sight! Love the quote and love the polka dots!

Still love gazing at our engagement session portraits taken by the lovely Laura Gordon! That cute tumbler cup was a gift from one of my fabulous clients (thanks again Cherie!!), the gold jax is in memory of my Jackie Boy, a vintage camera find from antique shopping, and the cute gold vase polka dot vase (thanks Cathy!).

LOVE my Kate Spade gold polka dot folders and my other Kelly Moore bag 🙂

The cute quote (bottom left) was made by (you guessed it!) the one and only, Emily! She made it for my birthday this past year. SO sweet! I have it hanging on the wall by my office door. Such a great reminder that all my late nights working on the computer are worth it! The Nikon N2000 film camera below was my parents! I found it in their attic and now I have it on display. They snapped away our childhood memories on this baby — love it’s sentimental charm! The camera to the right of it is a precious piggy bank that my good friend Cathy gave me 🙂

My ever-growing blanket and wrap collection for newborn sessions!


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