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Happy Birthday Michael!

My Dearest Michael,

You have taught me many things this past year as I navigate my new world of motherhood… one of which is, don’t blink. As I sit here at 10PM on the couch in our family room while your fast asleep upstairs in your big boy room… on the eve of your first birthday… trying to sum up into words what these last 365 days have meant to me… I’m truly speechless. Motherhood has brought a whole new meaning to love and a whole new meaning to life.

How could you possibly already be ONE?! Tears of joy streaming down my face… it feels like just yesterday I was staring at your positive pregnancy test. God had finally answered my long-awaited prayer… to be a mother. Your mother. I blinked and stared into the results beaming back at me… “pregnant.” I blinked again… it’s 5-months later and we found out that God had blessed your Daddy and me with you, our son. Blink again… it’s 1:20AM on October 17, 2017 and my water breaks waking me up in the middle of the night. Blink again… exactly 12-hours later, after hours of contractions, several scary episodes of your heart rate dropping which lead to an emergency c-section… at 1:20 PM… 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and 20.5 inches of your absolute perfection was placed into my arms… that moment I first looked into your eyes and you stared right back and at me… you took my breath away. My life was forever changed.

With each month that goes by we are in awe of you! Watching you learn, grow, and develop into the sweet little boy that you are has been such a blessing.You make us so very proud! We’ve witnessed and celebrated every milestone with you along the way — and lucky for you in having a Mama that’s a photographer… it’s all documented too! 

You are an incredible son and we know you will be an even more amazing big brother! We’re excited to have Thomas Daniel join our family in March and know that you will teach him all of the things! Thomas will forever look up to you as his big brother. In only being 18-months apart, surely you two will have your fair share of bickering and sibling rivalry… but, oh how sweet your brotherly love will be!

Since you were born, it seems that time is passing by even faster now! Selfishly, I want to hold time still (which is why I take so many photographs!)… I want you to stay my squishy little biscuit forever. One day you won’t be a baby anymore but my baby you will always be. I don’t want to blink… because I know one day you will be boarding that big, yellow school bus off to Kindergarten, high school, college, and beyond! I have no doubt that your future will be bright! But, until then, today you’re only 12-months old… you still fit perfectly in my arms, Daddy and I still kiss you goodnight (and always peek into your room while you sleep to check on you once more before we go to bed), and while you are becoming more independent… you still need me and Daddy. And we’re always here for you.

My sweet Michael… each and every single day you bring immense joy into our lives and love into our hearts. Happy 1st Birthday!

Love you bunches,

Scroll down to watch Michael’s 1st year slideshow! Yes… it’s 1-hour long!!! I know! But… I couldn’t possibly narrow down all of my favorite photos and videos from this past year. I certainly don’t expect you to watch the entire thing… it’s mainly for our immediate family 🙂
This was a labor of love created by yours truly for our family to have as a keepsake. 
SO many wonderful family memories made this past year. Many more to come!

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