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Our New Furbaby

EEEEEEK!!!! Y’all, I can hardly contain my excitement… tomorrow is the BIG day!!! In less than 24 hours, Ryan and I will be bringing our 8-week old furbaby home!!! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time!

As you know, we lost Jax on March 6th… after my heart was at peace with it all… I started to reach out to breeders. Ryan and I don’t have any kids running around at this point in our lives and we don’t have any other pets… so our house is pretty quiet with just the two of us.  You don’t realize the loving impact that a dog has on your life until it’s gone. I was ready to start a new adventure with adding a new furbaby to the family. I just love labs, and Ryan does too, so we decided to stick with a labrador but go chocolate this time! A chocolate male! There are many differences between male and female dogs (although they’re both great!)… I’ve just always favored the personality, demeanor, and protectiveness of a male dog.

On March 19th, I started searching for a breeder. It’s quite an intense process… with Jax, I just found him in the newspaper, drove down the road 20 minutes to Oilville, Virginia, paid $200 and scooped him up that day… however, this time around has been a very long and anxious waiting game. We knew we wanted to work with a breeder that was AKC accredited with legit papers on both sides. I called a few local breeders and some didn’t have any upcoming litters available and some were way out of the price range.

I stumbled across Owasco Valley Retrievers and they promptly emailed me back saying “I am happy that you are considering one of our pups for your next cuddly ball of fur.  We are excitingly expecting a litter of pups towards the end of April.  These pups are going to be ready for their new homes around end of June.  I hope you decide to be one of those homes!” My face lit up with excitement. We reviewed their AKC pedigree papers for both the mom and dad and all looked great! The dad is named Gunner and is a beautiful black lab just shy of 4 years old — his first litter! Want to know the best part?! The mom is a gorgeous 4-year old chocolate lab and is named Jackie Girl! With us just having a Jackie Boy of our own… we knew it was fate that this was the breeder and litter that we needed to settle on. We quickly mailed in our contract and deposit to reserve our spot for a chocolate male. Then the waiting game began!!

Jackie’s litter was due until April 21st but on Saturday, April 18th we received an email… “Great news! Pups arrived today!!!‎ Including 3 male chocolates. A total of 10 pups!” YAY!!! We are second in the lineup for a chocolate male (the first is the owner of Gunner) so we were so thrilled to know there were 3 chocolate boys! 10 puppies?! Wow!

In Virginia, you can bring your new puppy home as early as 7 weeks… but the female pup for this litter lives in Maryland so we had to wait 8 weeks… 8 looooonggggg weeks! Tim, the owner of Jackie Girl, was so great throughout this whole process and would send us texts and emails almost daily with updated pictures and health statuses of the pups. Meanwhile, Ryan and I are getting our house cleaned and ready for our new furbaby to come home! That meant a trip to Homegoods was in order! A new leash, collar, treats, doggie bowls, toys, etc.! I picked up a large crate at Walmart for him to sleep in when we’re not at home and a baby cam that we can turn on to keep an eye on him, LOL. We went up to the attic to bring down Jax‘s box — filled with his toys, his collar, a dog bed, and other memorabilia… it’s been hidden since the day we lost him so it tugged at the heart strings to see it all again but I know that Jax would want to share.

After three months of our house being empty without the romping around of a furbaby, we’re bringing one home tomorrow! We both took the day off to take a road trip up to Ridge, Maryland. We are going to get there bright and early so we can get him home and let the adventure begin! It’s going to be SO hard to pick only one out of the two remaining chocolate males (the other one doesn’t have a home yet!)… Ryan is making sure of it that we don’t come home with TWO puppies… HA!

I have to be honest that I’m a little nervous starting from scratch with a puppy again! It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve had a puppy! I told Ryan that we have to give this little guy a break since he’s only 8-weeks old and there will be accidents, chewing, dog hair, etc., etc… but Ryan reminded me that this is the most fun time of owning a dog because it’s when the bonding really happens. That’s the most fun part! We’ll teach him how to come down the stairs, hop through the doggie door, swim in the river, go potty outside, teach him tricks, and so much more! Can’t wait for that first time he falls asleep in my arms…

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome this little pup home! We’ll give him the full tour of the house then likely spend the rest of the day (and weekend!) playing in our backyard! Our parents are coming over tomorrow night for dinner to meet their Grandpuppy and we’ll be announcing his name! Can’t wait to share photos/videos of him once he’s home. My apologies in advance for flooding my Facebook and Instagram feed with chocolate cuteness 🙂

In the meantime, here are some favorites of the cute iPhone pics that the breeder has sent me in the last 8 weeks… Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!! 🙂

All ready for his arrival!!

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