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Outsource Groceries with Instacart

All of you busy, hard-working mamas out there…! I want to fill you in on something that will be a game-changer with your grocery shopping experience. While I actually do love grocery shopping… since having Michael in tow (and will soon be raising two boys under two!) it’s not always that easy of a task! Outsourcing my grocery shopping has been such a stress reliever for me! I no longer have to work around my toddler’s nap schedule, stress about how he’ll behave in the store (and then start rushing up and down the aisles if/when he gets fussy), and/or overspending by adding more stuff to my cart outside of what’s on my shopping list (like, double-stuffed Oreos!)…

Last summer, I discovered the genius invention that most grocery stores are starting to adopt… ordering your groceries online and picking them up! It’s brilliant! I previously had used Kroger ClickList but they recently changed the interface of their website making it more difficult to shop coupons/savings, re-ordering previous items, filtering when searching, etc. Publix has recently opened up in Richmond and I’ve been blown away by their customer service, on-the-go meal selection, produce, and… let’s get real… their wine selection (!!). They even have an app so when you’re in the store and looking for something you can type it in and it’ll tell you what aisle it’s on. Their free Baby Club is a cool program too! They are bit more expensive on certain things compared to the other local grocery stores but, to me, their perks and overall shopping ease outweighs the cost difference. So! This past weekend I gave Instacart a try with Publix and I’m hooked!

Click here to enter your zip code to see if you qualify for Instacart along with what stores are available in your area. Which PS! Did you know you can shop Costco via Instacart?! I just learned this! While I don’t think I’d ever do this because the whole reason in going to Costco is to roam the aisles (and chow down on free samples!)… it is nice to know particularly around the busy Christmas season if I want the convenience of being in-and-out while avoiding the crowds and lines.

Before I start ranting about my love for Costco (you can read more about that here)… let’s get back to Publix… If you’re new to Instacart… right now, you can get your first with free delivery (if your order is over $35). You can also click here to get $10 off your order with my referral code! As I mentioned, I did my first Instacart free delivery this past weekend. I gotta say… it was quite a glorious feeling on a cold, snowy Saturday morning to still be in my PJs sipping coffee when my groceries were delivered (15-minutes ahead of my scheduled delivery timeslot!). PS! Excuse some of the preggo-craving items shown below, LOL! It was such a quick and seamless process ordering online… you should definitely give it a try!

Here are some tips on what you can expect…

  • Before setting up your free Instacart account and begin adding things to your cart…
  • You can head over to the Publix website to browse recipes/meal planning tips, browse the weekly savings, organize a shopping list, etc.
  • Once you’re ready to start adding items to your cart… head over to Instacart (you can do so via computer, mobile device, or tablet), enter your zip code (or login), choose the Publix grocery store, select your delivery or pickup date/time, then start shopping!
  • The Publix Instacart website is slick and easy to navigate! Right on the homepage you can browse what grocery items are trending, savings near you, new arrivals, on-the-go meals, featured products, etc.
  • It helps you stay on a budget because you can see exactly what’s in your cart and what your total cost will be
  • Regarding delivery fees (prices in Richmond, VA)… they have a deal going on right now where your first delivery (when your cart items are over $35) is free! Going forward, for orders over $35, regular delivery is only $5.99 (which is SO worth it! I know I would be spending that $6 anyway if I was shopping in-store by throwing something not on my grocery list). For 1-hour delivery, it’s $7.99. If you sign-up for Instacart Express then delivery is free!
  • Instacart Express might be a good solution for you if you frequently are ordering from the grocery store. It’s an annual membership that waives your delivery fees for all orders above $35 even during busy periods. It basically pays for itself if you shop more than 3 times per month. A nice feature is that you can shop at multiple stores via Instacart with this Express membership (i.e., Publix, Costco, and CVS errands all taken care of for you while you relax in the comfort of your own home!). Learn more here.
  • Publix Instacart offers helpful recipes/shopping lists too that you can easily browse and filter by family-friendly, breakfast, lunch, dinner, party, etc.
  • Publix Instacart also offers the ability to shop with friends. This is a cool and convenient feature if you’re planning a weekend getaway, an event with friends or co-workers, etc. You can share a unique URL with your friends/family/co-workers, track who’s adding what to your shopping cart, then checkout!

This is not a paid sponsorship blog post… just one busy, multi-tasking mama sharing some helpful advice! Click here to read more blog posts under the “for mommies” category.

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