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Ryan’s New Career! Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

TOMORROW is the BIG DAY, friends! In the spirit of tomorrow being the first day back-to-school for many kiddos here in Richmond… it will also be Ryan’s first day at Davenport & Co.!!! For those that have followed my blog for a while now… you know that I like to share and be open with you about my business, my personal life, my marriage, my children... all of the ups, downs, and in-betweens. I do this to connect, inspire, and engage with my readers.

Our close family and friends know that this past May, Ryan experienced his first corporate layoff. As the primary breadwinner to our family of four, this unexpected news was stressful and unsettling to say the least. Looking back on these last 3-months, I couldn’t be more proud how Ryan handled this life-changing situation. Now that today is his first day at Davenport we can share his career news with all of you!

Let me fill you in on Ryan’s career background. Ever since he was 19 years old he’s been in Sales/Business Development, meeting and exceeding quotas, managing teams, and building professional relationships. Over the last 14 years specifically, Ryan climbed the corporate ladder within the healthcare industry. In 2005 he started out as an Account Executive at a disposable medical supply company. By 2009, he was Director of Managed Care & National Accounts. Side note… we first met in August ’09 when I started working there too in Marketing! In 2011, Ryan accepted an opportunity within an independent healthcare IT company as Director, Channel Partner Management and prior to his layoff (May ’19) he was Vice President, Partner Acquisition. You can learn more details about Ryan’s career background via his LinkedIn profile.

So just as summer 2019 is about to kickoff… Ryan receives the news of a layoff within his division. For the first time ever since he was 15 years old he was without a job. While there were immediate career opportunities within his “comfort zone” of the healthcare technology industry… he decided to avoid being reactive, assess all potential career options, and to make the right next step in his career and for our family. 

At 38 years old with a wife and two little boys… Ryan was faced with a pivotal point in his career where he got the opportunity to pause, self reflect on “what I want to be when I grow up”, and take action! After dedicating 14 years within the healthcare industry primarily in the Sales/Business Development arena… he decided to find opportunity in the chaos, to take a leap of faith, and make a real change.

While we enjoyed all that summer had to offer with both of us being home full-time with our boys (now I’m on my own… yikes!!)… Ryan’s 3-month “lay-off life” as we called it was well thought out. His day-to-day was focused on researching career openings (both near and far and across all industries), connecting with various colleagues/mentors, and conducting interviews with new ventures up to Fortune 50 companies. He also revisited long-term conversations with my Dad, Mike Denton, who has 27+ years of professional investment advisory experience (he joined Davenport last year).

When it came to decision time with several attractive offers on the table… Ryan decided to take his knowledge and skills to pursue a challenge within an entirely new industry. He’s beyond excited to learn, grow, and develop his career starting out as an Investment Associate at Davenport & Co.

Davenport was founded in 1863 and is headquartered right here in the heart of downtown Richmond, Virginia. Ryan is completely excited about the opportunity to make a difference by helping others one-on-one, having the “downtown work” experience (with very little airplane travel!), and getting more involved within the community (all while looking darn good in a suit!). In the meantime, he’s now studying to pass the Series 7 exam and learning all he can along the way. My Dad, an industry veteran, has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and is a natural teacher. Both my Dad and Ryan will be a dynamic duo team making a difference by empowering clients to steward their wealth with confidence.

Join me in congratulating Ryan!! Cheers to a new season, a new chapter, and a lifetime of success in your new adventure!

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