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Allison Head Shotsl5519Many of you have reached out to ask “What do you mean that you’re a shoot and share photographer?” This is a great question so I’ve decided to turn my response into a blog post for all my clients, prospective clients, and followers to see why I do what I do 🙂

Over the last couple years, the photography industry has changed from being product-based to a service-based experience. More and more photographers are turning towards a new business model of sharing digital files with their clients rather than requiring them to place print orders to generate revenue. Back in the day, photographers had the mindset to slap their logo in the middle of their files to protect their brand, protect their images, and protect their overall business.

The “shoot and share” term gives photographers and their clients the freedom of sharing which at the end of the day is a win-win for everyone! Clients get their images faster and easier and your brand gets out there via the many social media sites which makes it possible for your work to be distributed instantaneously around the world at the click of a button.

Allison Head Shotsl5461What is a “Shoot and share” photographer?
It is a photographer who has chosen to turn over the edited digital files to their client so that they can share the high-resolution images as they would like and print them wherever they wish.

What does this mean to you?? This means that after your session I’m not taking you back to my office to review your images where you have to pick and choose your favorites and do your print orders through me… in being a shoot and share photographer, I run my business to serve others. I’m in the business of building meaningful relationships and offering my clients images that they will cherish for a lifetime. I deliver all the enhanced digital images where my clients have full printing rights to wherever you’d like to go (however, I’d love to recommend some great printing labs).

In being a shoot and share photographer, I no longer slap a watermark on my images because I want my clients to have the freedom to view and share their images as much as they want. Each “like”, “comment”, “tweet”, and/or “pin” on my images via social media puts a HUGE smile on my face — knowing that my clients are happy with their photographs makes me so happy! If they’re sharing their images online, they’re generating more “buzz” for me and my business than I ever could with an album of images filled with watermarks. If someone were to steal my images, tamper with editing, etc… well, I’ll have to deal with that then… but at the end of the day, it is far more important for me as a photographer to encourage sharing with my clients.

I’m so very fortunate to be a part of an amazing network of fellow Shoot & Share photographers. This community is so very helpful and encouraging. I belong to a Facebook group of 5,700 members (right now!) of other Shoot & Share users from all over the country who bounce ideas off each other, answer questions, and get help from one another on a daily basis. Our Facebook group is so supportive and positive, unlike most other forum groups out there. We are a community of photographers who openly share our business models, pricing structures, shoot locations, techniques, sometimes even couches, and genuinely care about helping each other grow. We have even formed lots of sub-Shoot & Share Facebook groups for those of us interested in specific areas of photography to help in a more specialized way. I’m also part of the Shoot & Share – Richmond group which has close to 150 members right now of local photographers. We even meet up every now and then to socialize and it’s a blast! Since I got into this industry I’ve been a Shoot & Share photographer and it’s been the #1 best thing I have done for my business so far.

I’m Allison Shumate and I’m a Shoot & Share photographer 🙂


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