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SAHM Anniversary

Today marks a very special milestone. Exactly one year ago today, I officially said farewell to the corporate world to dive headfirst into motherhood. One whole year… where did the time go?! My sweet little boy was merely 3-months old last January when I made the choice to become a stay-at-home-mom. Since the day my son was born, I’ve been in awe witnessing each milestone as he grows. Every day with him is absolutely new and different in wonderful, small ways. Tomorrow he’ll be 15-months old and I’m 32-weeks pregnant with baby boy #2! Ryan and I are gearing up for raising two boys under two! I could not feel more blessed to raise these boys with such a loving, hard-working, and supportive husband.

Becoming a mother has challenged me both mentally, physically, emotionally… Michael has taught me many things in the last 15-months. He is and always will be my first little boy. Thanks to Michael I feel much more prepared for Thomas’s arrival. Staying at home with Michael has been quite an adventure! As you can imagine with a busy, busy toddler… we have a mix of great days and challenging days. Days where we laugh till our stomachs ache… days where we get dressed and conquer those errands and play dates… and other days where we stay home in PJs and goof off in the playroom… The days can sometimes feel long but the years are so, so short… motherhood is hard, regardless of where or how we do it, ladies. But one thing I know for sure is our little Michael man brings us SO much JOY! These next 7 weeks, we’re soaking up our last true one-on-one time with our little rascal.

In addition to being home with Michael, I’ve continued to refine my craft by working with families to capture the art of motherhood. After hustling after this photography dream of mine for several years now… I’m proud to say that 2017, my first official year full-time, was my most successful year yet!

Super stoked for my 2018 goals! I have some big dreams for my family and my business. January is off to a great start!

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