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2013-12-01_0015OK… So I’m a little behind writing a blog post about our wonderful Thanksgiving!! It threw me off that Thanksgiving was so late this year… I can’t believe we’re already two weeks into December!! Ryan and I decided to host Thanksgiving again this year. We hosted last year and everyone thought we were crazy because we were getting married the following week. We love to entertain! We made a menu and assigned everyone a delicious side to bring.

My parents, Ryan’s Mom and brother, my brother and sister-in-law, Ryan’s precious niece, and my grandparents were all under one roof for Thanksgiving. We are so very grateful that all our family lives so close and can easily enjoy the holiday season without hassling with hopping on a plane and traveling all day to get together. Thankfully we all live within a few miles from each other. I picked up a 22 lb. turkey for our feast!!! We got up early to prep the turkey and pop it in the oven to cook all day! I love the way our house smelled that day. It was heavenly!! I actually had a photo shoot morning — it was pouring down rain the day before so we rescheduled and I’m so glad we did because the weather was perfect! It was pretty cold but definitely sunny! 🙂

My family arrived around 2PM and we enjoyed catching up and relaxing! Dinner was served at 4PM and we all fit around our dining room table. It was a wonderful day!!!

The menu: Turkey (duh!), mashed potatoes, sweet potato mashed, green bean casserole, salad, stuffing, and buttered rolls! For dessert we had pumpkin pie and apple pie with Breyer’s vanilla ice cream. MMMM!!!!!!!!!! The best part was having leftovers for a week!! Can’t wait for next year!! 🙂

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