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The BIG Announcement!

AHH!!! Y’all!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally spill the beans!! This past on Easter Sunday, Ryan and I announced that we’re EGG-SPECTING!!! After 2 1/2 years of trying to conceive, God answered. We are so overwhelmingly blessed and thrilled to become PARENTS!!! We cannot wait to meet our little bundle of joy in October!!!

It was the Friday before Valentine’s Day weekend. Ryan had left for work and I took a pregnancy test… After waiting 3 anxiously awaited minutes… For the first time in my life I saw “PREGNANT” on a test! I fell to my knees and thanked God for this blessing, this miracle. I couldn’t wait to tell Ryan!!! I went to the lab that morning to take a blood test and confirm everything — I wanted that peace of mind before the weekend started. My numbers looked good and it was confirmed… YAY!!! It felt like the longest day of my life waiting until that evening to see Ryan and tell him the GOOD news. We already had special dinner plans that evening at one of our favorite restaurants, Portico, to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little early. I got home before Ryan did so I could prepare for the BIG announcement! I wanted to secretly record his reaction so we would always have it as a keepsake! I bought a card several months before that I planned to give to Ryan when the timing was right. Well, the timing was perfect because since it was Valentine’s Day weekend, he didn’t suspect anything when I handed him a card to open.

He was ecstatic!! It gave me chills of excitement to watch the happiness wash over him when he found out that he was promoted to DADDY!!! We spent the rest of our evening talking about what to expect in the next 9 months and how awesome being parents will be. We talked about how we would tell our family and what their reactions would be. Are we going to have a son or a daughter?! Will he or she have Ryan’s smile? My nose? Ryan’s eyes? My freckles? I can hardly wait for the big gender reveal! SO much to look forward to as our journey continues.

We recorded the reactions of our parents, siblings, grandparents, and some of our close friends. I made a quick video of it all (reactions shown in random order) and have watched it 100+ times! It brings tears of joy to my face every time! I can’t wait to share this with our little one someday and especially excited to finally share it with you today! We made our announcement “Facebook official” on Easter that we were egg-specting and I wish we could’ve recorded everyone’s reaction!! 🙂

For those of you reading this that are struggling with infertility, we pray this gives you hope to stay positive!! If God instilled in your heart that strong desire to be a parent… you have you believe that it will one day happen! I plan to share our infertility journey someday soon because our story is important to me and I want to give hope and strength to others!

(FYI — For those watching with children… Ryan does drop the “S” bomb a few times in the beginning because he’s so excited, LOL)

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