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The Power of Referrals

Today we live in a social and digital world. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Vine, Vimeo, and more… — Everyone is liking, sharing, posting, pinning, and tweeting what they find interesting. The same thing happens when it comes to business and referrals.

For all my photog friends out there… As you all know, if someone finds you via a Google search they may check out your website, see what you offer and possibly contact you to inquire about your services. However, if one of your clients recommends you to that same person, your chances of booking that prospective client has just grown tremendously. People take interest in what their friends and family like and do. Recommendations from friends and family are personal, sincere and usually, the truth.

As a small business owner, the power of referral is so very important to building your clientele. Referrals are a photographers best friend!! It puts a HUGE smile on my face when after I post a sneak peek or shortly after my clients receive their images they immediately change their Facebook profile picture, update their Facebook cover photo, post a comment on my Facebook page, link to my website/blog, tweet to Twitter, pin to Pinterest, post on Instagram, etc., etc., etc.!!! You may have seen the testimonials on my website. I love reading these and sharing them with everyone.

When I see my clients take these actions — I feel that I have done my job right. A happy client = more referrals = more business = a really happy photographer!!! {Side note… this video also makes me happy!! LOL!}

There are many of my followers that have referred their friends to me and I greatly appreciate it!! My calendar is filling up and I’m loving it! 🙂

To show my appreciation, this past November, I introduced my Referral Rewards program. This is just a little something that I offer to show my gratitude. So far, several of my clients have earned Referral Rewards and I’m excited to work with them again 🙂

This is exactly why with each client, whether I’ve known them for years or we just met, I try my best to go above and beyond to exceed expectations — it’s all about the experience. When providing a personal service to my clients, they will almost certainly recommend me to their friends, family and others.

So, THANK YOU, to those that have contributed to the power of referral for Allison Shumate Photography. I hope you know how grateful I am for doing so!

Here are a few examples of my awesome clients!! You’ll notice the reaction of likes/comments/shares, etc. from others 🙂

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