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DSC_0572I’m SO very excited to launch this blog post! These past couple of months I’ve tried to get better at posting more personal blog posts so I can better connect with my followers, prospective clients, family, and friends. Hopefully these posts have helped you get to know me a little better.

I’ve created a new category – Top Ten. Here I’ll post any and all topics of dreams, gear, travel, wish lists, fun facts, and other things that I hope and strive for to benefit my business. My top ten dreams (for my business) will be featured in today’s post but I’ll admit that I was a little nervous to click the “publish” button on this one because what if they don’t come true?! These are my dreams for my business, big and small, that I’ve kept bottled up inside which is silly because I should share them… after all, my clients are a big part of making them come true!

SO… here we go! My top ten dreams (in no particular order) for Allison Shumate Photography:

1. Complete a Project 365. Taking a photo once a day for 365 days will help improve my photography skills and capture otherwise forgotten moments. It would certainly be a challenge but it would be rewarding in the end. It would make a great slideshow too! 

2. I would absolutely LOVE to have the opportunity to photograph a proposal!!! This is such a monumental moment and it would be SO exciting to be a part of it! So all you bachelor’s out there… contact me if you’re interested and we’ll plan it out to perfection. Whether it’s a “couples” session that turns into an engagement session or if you’d rather me already be hiding at “the spot” ready for you to POP the question… I’m up for anything! It would certainly take some sneaky planning on the Groom-to-be’s part to make it happen but you’d most definitely get brownie points from your Bride and beautiful photographs of the memory captured.

3. Attend WPPI & the United conferences. As you know, I’m a Shoot & Share photographer. You can learn more about why I’m a Shoot & Share photographer by reading my latest blog post here. I plan to do a separate blog post to explain in detail the importance and the differences between these two conferences, however, the goal is the same… to learn new techniques from industry leaders, build new relationships to grow my business, experience new products and solutions to improve productivity, attend educational seminars, enjoy the many nearby attractions in the fabulous city that it’s hosted in, and more! It would be SO very amazing to have the opportunity to invest in experiencing these two conferences… I know that I would learn so much, build new relationships, better my business strategy, all in a friendly, fun environment – all at one time, in one place.

4. Be a speaker at a photography conference. I never thought presenting would be one of my goals. In high school and college I was terrified about public speaking. Still today, I get nervous speaking in front of large crowds (probably because I’m a mush and turn into a cry baby if I’m talking about anything sentimental, LOL). I’m continuing to challenge myself with photography and I’m learning new ways to better my skills and my business each and every day. Educating photographers along the way is something that I love to do. This is a major reason why I love being a part of the Shoot & Share community. It would be an honor to one day speak at either the WPPI or United conferences, or host my own workshop.

5. Get 5,000 “LIKES”. Now, I don’t agree with the stereotype that the # of “likes” one has represents their talent… there are many photographers (and other businesses) out there that are truly amazing but don’t have the skyrocketing Facebook “likes” that you would think or they may not have a Facebook page at all. More Facebook “likes” doesn’t always mean more business. However, getting to 5,000 likes would be a huge milestone mainly because I would have the opportunity to connect and share my work with so many people via reaching out to friends of friends, of their friends (you get it!), engaging my followers, boost brand loyalty and referrals, and more!

6. Shoot a “Still Do!” session. This session would be SO much fun! There are no rules with how long you wait after your wedding day to have this special type of session. You could spend the day at the salon — get your hair and nails dolled up — throw your wedding dress (or any white dress) and he puts on a suit… and you enjoy a no-pressure session of just you two! I remember on my wedding day, we were worried about the timeline, always rushing to the next “event” of the day. This session will allow you to relax, have fun, and enjoying each other’s company.

7. Shoot a “birth story”. Words cannot describe how amazing this opportunity would be. Birth is powerful, it is life changing, it is one of the greatest moments that occur in this life and I would be greatly honored to be asked to document and be a part of this monumental time. There are few things in this world more miraculous than the birth of a child and I believe it is certainly something that should be photographed. These moments define our lives and can be just as important as the photographs on your wedding day.

8. Get featured! What an incredible honor this would be!!!!!!! This is something I will focus on much more in 2014 so stay tuned 🙂

9. Trash the dress. I would love a session where my couple got their wedding clothes back on sometime after their wedding day, strolled along on a beach, the sunset is upon us, and y’all walk along the water or lay in the sandy shores while the waves come rolling in. Or, you can run and jump off a dock into the water. I’m up for whatever!

10. Home from the military surprise!! I am a HUGE fan of surprises!! I grew up in a military family. It would be such an honor to photograph this moment of family members, friends, and loved ones! Even if it wasn’t a surprise homecoming… just capturing those sweet moments would be awesome! The genuine happy tears, big smiles, and excitement of it all would be such a joyful memory!

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