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You’ve Been Boo’ed!

Halloween is always a fun time of the year! The weather is starting to cool down, the leaves are changing, pumpkins are everywhere, decorations are out, the kiddos get dressed up, and there’s lots of candy involved!! Anyone else obsessed with the movie Hocus Pocus?! One of my favorite Halloween traditions is to “Boo” our friends and neighbors a few weeks before Halloween. I had never heard of this tradition before moving into my neighborhood 4 years ago. It’s something we do every year and it’s a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit.

What does it mean when “You’ve Been Boo’ed”?! You make two Halloween goodie bags and secretly drop them off onto a friend/neighbor’s front porch, they then have to put a “Boo” sign on their door, then it’s their turn to “Boo” two others who haven’t yet been “Boo’ed”, and so on… It’s fun to watch the neighborhood (or your workplace) get into the spirit while friends and neighbors guess who “Boo’ed” them!

To start this fun tradition of “Boo’ing” your neighborhood here’s what you do…

  1. Figure out which two houses you’re going to “Boo” in your neighborhood


  1. Run a quick errand and gather some items for their goodie bag – some fun ideas are candy, a fun toy if they have young kiddos, a dog treat if they have a furbaby, a bottle of wine, cookies, a fall candle, Halloween socks, stickers, etc. Dollar Tree or the dollar section at Target is always a go-to aisle to stroll through 🙂


  1. Click here and print off two copies of the “Boo” rules and put one in each goodie bag (designed by Simply Kierste)


  1. Click here and print the “We’ve Been Boo’ed” sign. Cut in ½ so you can use one sign in each goodie bag (designed by Simply Kierste)


  1. Wait until it gets dark outside and secretly leave your two goodie bags on each doorstep of the two houses you chose (feel free to bring back your childhood sneakiness and “ring and run!”)


  1. Success! They’ve been “Boo’ed”!


It’s then their turn to make two copies of the “Boo” rules, two copies of their “We’ve Been Boo’ed” sign, place their “We’ve Been Boo’ed” sign on their front door, make two goodies bags, and “boo” two other neighbors…

SO fun, right?! Happy Boo’ing!!!

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